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One Manufacturing Job Equals Seven Jobs

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$1,000,000,000 for “Climate Resilience Fund?”
Dear President Obama:
One billion dollars could do a lot of good for this ailing economy. I propose that instead of a “Climate Resilience Fund,” that you take that 1 billion dollars and create a self-sustaining loan program within the SBA specifically for small business start ups. To help avoid fraud, this fund would not provide loans to existing businesses or LLC’s with hidden ownership.
Fast track this fund to quickly get the money to individuals with ideas or products to build, and it would spur tremendous growth. Also, since the fund would be be based on business loans, it would be self-sustaining.
Instead of a Climate Resilience Fund: One billions dollars would finance 1,000 new small business (20 new business per state) with $1,000,000 each of start up capital. Or, one billion dollars would finance 10,000 new small business (200 per state) with $100,000 of start up capital.
There are thousands of other individual like myself, who want to build physical things in the US. We want to manufacture our goods, export them across the globe and proudly use the stamp “Made in USA.”
Written by Brett W. Bertram.
See his latest Guitars at
***Las Vegas NV***

Written by redpunch

February 14, 2014 at 10:14

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