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GOOG Up While Analysts Debate Click Revenues

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I own no stocks and am not a techie so don’t listen to me.  I did not graduate from a fancy school so don’t listen to me.  Just listen to what you’re not hearing from the professional stock analysts–the “in the know” crowd. 

China – You rarely hear about China’s battle with Google over what the average man or woman walled up in China can read without censure or fear of reprisal.

U.S. – We don’t hear much about low-cost or free open access to the internet, Google having maneuvered the major players to compete with each other over the whitespace auctions at FCC for (what used to be our free TV stations.)

Information Architecture – “What’s next?”–I eagerly anticipate–“Recording the Vatican’s archives?” Nope, I hear only yawns at the press conference where Google’s Vice President of Search and User Experience highlights Google’s dynamic model for indexing information–crucial to advancing Western civilization.  Increasing productivity and lowering costs, nobody hears about this because they’re too busy sleeping.

Google TV – Recently touted, this both challenges current content delivery channels as well as enhances them with potential exponential growth in audience members.  Take heed Rupert Murdoch!  Watch out stodgy Comcast/NBC!  Beware Jon Stewart you are not as edgy as you used to be!  (Well,  didn’t he have that less-sophisticated- good-lookin-Cuban American fired for saying he could get anybody fired?)  Google could become the world’s new BBC! 

Cars that drive themselves on the freeway –   Ok, you have heard about it.  This week-end, period. 

Underwriting of Wind Farms – The trouble with wind harnassed into energy is 1) too much land is required and 2) they pose such an eyesore on Cape Cod.   So why not just build them in the MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN?  (Why didn’t I think of that?) 

So don’t expect to hear a meaningful discussion about Google’s potential value from the experts.   Their high-end estimates likely will become tomorrow’s new lows.


Written by redpunch

October 14, 2010 at 22:18

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