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Sergey Brin and Benjamin Franklin – This Page Left Intentionally Blank

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Thanks to Google and Verizon, citizens of the world will benefit from dizzying innovation and competition in an open and free internet.   Just as Ben Franklin cleverly achieved open free access to public libraries by initially supplicating to the wealthy when he first devised “the Library Company,” Google and Verizon’s move to privatize access to information has created a stir of competition benefitting the great unwashed and privileged alike.  Big players are grateful just to have a place in the room!

Tinkering with the Web

At the inception of the U.S. industrial age, economists rewarded monopolies with overwhelming market share in exchange for developing the country’s industrial infrastructure.  Right or wrong the USA allowed rogues to grow into dynasties at the expense of innovation and ultimately consumer choice.  Examples include the railroads, oil, steel, chemicals, and most appropriately Ma Bell.  

Now the FCC’s job will be a lot easier with competitors monitoring each other for anti-trust infractions.  Hopefully start-up’s will be welcomed and indeed sought after when the FCC prepares its roadmap for the future of information delivery.   Start-up’s at their inception offer us a glimpse into future innovations.  Lots of white-space needs to be allowed into the legislation for us to grow and not unwittingly stifle technology, ease of use, and future access to the internet.


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August 26, 2010 at 11:53

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